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Kingston Mercantile & Marine

THE SHEEPISH PIG is 100% Pure Mangalitsa Pork.  We raise rare breed HEIRLOOM pigs using traditional, ethical, and sustainable farming practices.

Our farm is located on the saltwater shores of beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, in the town of Kingston, which is in the Greater Seattle area. Farm tours are very limited and by advance appointment only. We hope to offer occassional Farm Days to the public in the near future.

Our meat pigs are raised on pasture and woodlands, supplemented with organic feed and nuts.  Seasonally, our pigs feast on acorns, a finishing method used to grow the finest pork in the world. Our heirloom breed pigs are naturally disease resistant and 'slow grown' as Mother Nature intended. Our all-natural uncured bacon and selection of sausages have no added Nitrites/Nitrates.

We sell USDA Certified pork (1 lb and up): Bacon, Sausage, Ground, Chops, Ribs, Leg & Shoulder Roasts (Leg Ham/Picnic Ham/Boston Butt), Tenderloin, Belly, Organ Meats, Bones, Lard, and more. 
Half and Whole Hogs are available for custom cuts by advance deposit.

Our pork has been found on the menu at some of Seattle's finest
Farm to Table restaurants. If you are a foodie, Heirloom Mangalitsa Pork from our farm belongs on YOUR table. It is truly melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Do you want to do a WHOLE HOG ROAST for family or for an event? Contact us!
We can provide you with the pork and the roaster. We can also recommend a caterer and/or a venue for your WHOLE HOG event.

Would you like to GROW YOUR OWN PORK? We can teach you how.
Contact us about the availability of our weaner pigs. Advance deposit required. Pigs are very social and need a pal, so you must purchase 2 or more weaners.